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Music is made of sounds. The sound is everything that pleasantly reaches our ears, giving us a pleasant sensation, like the song of a nightingale, the voice of a singer, the sound of a musical instrument.


When the sensation that reaches our ear is not pleasant, we are hearing a noise .

Sound Characteristics

The characteristics of the sound are three:   tone , intensity , timbre  

The tone It is the characteristic that makes us distinguish a high (high) sound from a low (low) sound.

- The verse of a bird is sharper than that of a cow.

The intensity   It is the characteristic that makes us recognize a strong sound from a weak one (soft)

- The chick's verse is weaker than that of an elephant.

The timbre is the characteristic that makes us recognize one instrument or one voice of the other.

- The sound of a cello is different from that of a drum.

The notes

As in spoken language we express ourselves with the words formed by the letters of the alphabet, so in music we use an alphabet composed of seven musical notes.

I don't know

DO - RE - MI - FA - SOL - LA - SI

The Music

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