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The Pentagam

The Pentragram is the place where notes are written and consists of five lines and four spaces.

Note sugli spazi.gif
note sulle linee.gif

Musical notes can be written in lines or in spaces.

The Musical Figures

The forms that the notes take depending on the duration of the sound are called "figures".

The musical figures are seven.

Tabla Fuguras Musicales.jpg

Eigth note , Sixteenth note  , 32th note, 64th note , can be joined as follows:

Union de Las Notas.jpg

The first four Musical Figures:

Tabla Fuguras Musicales-Prim 4 .jpg
equivalencias de figuras.jpg

Looking at the image above, you will notice that the whole note  lasts twice the half note and therefore two whites are needed to make a round.

The white (half) in turn lasts twice the quarter note, so it takes two blacks to form a white. And so on.

By combining two figures of equal duration, a figure with an immediately longer duration is obtained.

The first four Musical Figures:

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