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French dancer and important choreographer. He studied with the French dancer Auguste Vestris and the Italian choreographer Salvatore Viganó. From 1830 to 1835 he danced at the Paris Opera as a companion to the great dancer Maria Taglioni.

He debuted in Paris in 1830. He participated with Marie Taglioni until 1835, after which he toured Europe. He did the choreography of several ballets for Carlotta Grisi.

He was in London from 1842 to 1848 and in Saint Petersburg from that same year until 1858, working as a dancer and dance teacher. He spent the rest of his life teaching at the Paris Opera.

He probably choreographed the solo variations of Giselle (1841) for his wife, the Italian dancer Carlotta Grisi. His other works are Ondina (1843), Esmeralda (1844) and Pas de Quatre (1845) for Taglioni, Grisi, Lucile Grahn and Fanny Cerrito.


Jules-Joseph Perrot 

(18 de agosto de 1810Lyon - 24 de agosto de 1892Paramé)

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