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MB Ballet Welcome

The idea of creating these web pages came from in an historical moment in which we are all being challenged by an invisible enemy.

I, like many colleagues are creating online classes for our students,  to maintain relationship with them, and support them through this difficult time. So I thought I’d get organized to develop online teaching work that can be shared not only with my students, but also with all my colleagues who, like me, are living this experience.

Since I want to be positive, I think this will teach us to see things from another point of view so that we can see "dawn in the twilight".

Miriam Bazzano.JPG

Many times, we teachers, in classroom, do not have enough time to develop very important parts of teaching, such as: the study of pantomime, ballet history, rhythm, etc...,  so I thought to take advantage of this circumstance to make study new things in a funny way.
All this I could achieve with the help of my husband and my brother, they took care they took care of the technical part, design, video, and web.

United for popularization of ballet


(April 2020)

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